Some of the work we carry out-

Service: full service, interim service, major service, oil service.

MOT: mot testing, mot retest, mot certificate reprint, mot failure repairs.

Engine Timing: timing belt, timing chain, push rod, cam belt.

Engine: Including Block, Head, Pistons & Valves, mounts, gaskets.

Cooling System: Including Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Heater, Hoses, interior heating.

Charging System: Including Alternator, Regulator & Battery, AUX belt,

Ignition System:  Spark Plugs, Distributor, Ignition Wires & Coil, coil packs

Transmission: Automatic, manual, semi-auto, paddle shift, EGS, clutch, dual mass flywheel, clutch fluid.

Brakes: Including Disk & Drum Brakes, Master Cylinder, vacuum servo & Anti-lock Brakes ABS, ABS sensor and rings, ABS pump, ABS module, and ECU.

Suspension: shock absorbers, spring, arms, mounts,anti-roll bar.

Power steering: PAS, track rod ends, power steering pump & rack, power steering belt, power steering fluid, electric steering motor, steering electrical sensors, EPC, steering ECU.

: ABS light, PAS light, engine management light, engine fault, airbag fault, handbrake Dashboard Gaugeslight ,  EPC, Tyre pressure, replace light bulb.DPF

Electrical Systems: OBD diagnostic, Circuits, Controls and Electronics, lighting, ECU repair, alarms and immobilizer, remote locking key.

Fuel System:  Carburettor, Fuel Injection, Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter, injectors, air filter

Exhaust system: oxygen sensor-02 sensor, Catalytic converter, Air Pump, Oxygen Sensor, Computer & PCV Valve, Emissions SystemDPF, exhaust, back box, flexible section.

Battery: starting and charging system, battery testing, battery drain testing.

Starting System:   Including the Battery, Starter, Ignition Switch & Neutral Safety Switch.